rFactor 2 data platform to maximize performance

Analyze all your rFactor 2 telemetry with Fidgrove's cloud-based solution. Data management at its best, with the latest relevant technology wrapped in a user friendly solution.

We aim to improve driving performance and setup optimizations, and we're continuously adding features to get closer to accomplish this mission. For the casual sim racer and professional esports teams alike.

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Here’s a limited overview of current features on Fidgrove’s Engineering Station accessible through a browser:

  • Store all data logged in Fidgrove’s private servers for free, with no data shared with anyone without your explicit consent
  • Leverage on rich metadata for quick and easy data searches (e.g., sessions, setups, etc)
  • Have a coherent analysis of your data with integrated car/track versioning tracker in Eng. Station (e.g., league cars/tracks are treated just as another version of the same content and aggregated accordingly, filter out versions you don't want to see in specific tables, etc)
  • Check sessions details with summary status per stint and table with lap information (e.g., lap time, sector times, fuel used, lap used)
  • Check multiple computed indicators for any recorded lap , including regarding time performance, traction (e.g., max G-Forces, # lock-ups, max % tire spin), Tires & Fuel (e.g., % Full Throttle, Average Mix Mode), and minimum, average and maximum values for operating window variables (e.g., tire temps and pressures, brake temps, water and oil temps when available, etc)
  • Track setups used in each session automatically , linking them with their respective historical performance (download them anytime)
  • Track personal best laps in an innovative interface , easily seeing absolute track records, performance comparison between different cars/classes in a track, and ordered best times for each specific car-track combo, for both dry and wet conditions
  • Analyze dozens of auto-generated run charts and correlation charts to understand long run trends and performance , including Lap Time frequency charts, Evolution of Average Understeer Angle per Lap, Lap Time vs Tire Age, Lap Time vs Average Fuel Mix Mode, and many other charts
  • Get customized insights on electric cars throughout Fidgrove’s Engineering Station, such as average eTorque Motor Mode and Regeneration Mode for each lap, or frontier plot correlation charts with Energy Used vs Lap Time
  • Join a public community to have public friendly hot lap competitions (e.g., dry/wet lap track records, race pace over 10 consecutive laps), or create a private community just for you and your friends

Fidgrove is currently supporting rFactor 2 simulation software, and all content developed by Studio 397 made available on Steam. Access to all features mentioned above is free. We're working to bring you important core features soon.

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How to Use

Here’s what you need to do to use it:

  • Register a user Download and install
  • Fidgrove DataLogger in your sim computer (downloadable once you log in)
  • Drive
  • Check recorded data and insights in the Engineering Station
How to use

Supported Content

Fidgrove intends to support all licensed content on rFactor 2 esports platform. You can see a list of all supported packages here . For each package, we added relevant information such as content type (paid vs free), latest version and date of latest update. In addition, the list of cars includes year of the car, class, and engine type. The list of layouts includes track length. If you click through, you’ll get to Steam’s dedicated workshop item page.

Fidgrove also intends to support variations of official content (i.e., mods based on official content). This is handled as just another version of the official content, and integrated accordingly in Fidgrove’s platform (e.g., car mod from a league will show up with official name in Engineering Station, and the specific version from the mod). This simplifies data analysis. For now, these mods based on official content are supported on a case by case basis, so if you’re running a league and would like to use a specific mod, please get in touch with us on our Discord server .

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support page with filter for layouts


We’re hiring! Do you also have a passion for sim racing and want to join the team building this epic platform?

We’re looking for people with different areas of expertise to join our team, namely:

  • Data Scientist : someone fascinated with data and experienced in data analytics, machine learning, python
  • Back-end Developer : someone thriving on complex database queries, APIs, and experienced in C#/Java
  • Front-end Developer : someone with attention to detail, who loves design, and at ease with React/Vue/Javascript

Here’s what you can expect from the get-go:

  • A core team enthusiastic about bringing an innovative data-led solution to improve driving performances
  • A high-paced remote work environment coding on European timezone
  • A nothing is impossible mindset on challenges, brainstorming quality solutions from first principles

Get in touch if you want to know more ( Discord server , Twitter account , email ).