Free Membership


  • Unlimited & automated rFactor 2 data logging (incl. setups)
  • Effortless Data Management to browse data and performance indicators
  • Access to Eng. Station: Data Analysis Tool to analyze stints and data patterns
  • Opt-in Community Track Records (incl. wet & race pace)
  • Shared telemetry/setups through event data analysis workflow (1 active team event)
  • Shared live cockpit data and performance tables with 1 team (Trackside Station)
  • Post-event intra-lap telemetry analyzer (TBD)
Annual Premium Membership (Teams)


  • Support Fidgrove dev. & op. expenses
  • Access to all Free features
  • Unlimited teams and active events
  • AI-assisted Race Strategy Planner based on your own race prep team data
  • Live intra-lap telemetry analyzer (planned to be improved with AI)
  • Live AI-supported Race Strategy Adjustments (TBD)
Annual Premium Membership
(pay for teammate)


  • Support Fidgrove dev. & op. expenses
  • Purchase Premium Membership for teammate
  • Gives access to all features listed in the Teams Premium subscription

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